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Device Repair
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Device Repair
& Tech Support

IT Support


Elixir Technologies

Elixir Technologies LLC is a reputable technology company that has been in business since 2021. We offer a range of comprehensive services both on site and off site to cater to the needs of our clients.

Our first service, Device Repair & Tech Support, focuses on repairing and troubleshooting various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. We have skilled technicians who are experienced in diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues efficiently.

In addition to device repair, we specialize in providing Business IT Support, including CCTV AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service. Our team of IT professionals offers reliable and prompt assistance to businesses, ensuring the smooth operation of their computer networks, servers, and other IT infrastructure. Furthermore, our CCTV AMC service ensures the continuous monitoring and maintenance of surveillance systems for enhanced security.

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Bringing New IT Business Solutions And Ideas

At Elixir Technologies LLC, we bring new IT business solutions and ideas to enhance your operations. With a focus on online support, we ensure seamless functioning of your systems. Our expertise lies in designing and managing IT infrastructure, including mySQL databases and firewall implementation. We conduct thorough IT health checks to optimize performance and identify areas for improvement. Trust us to deliver innovative strategies that align with your goals in the ever-changing IT landscape.

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Technology Solutions for IT Businesses

Brand Evolution

We believe that a strong brand is the cornerstone of business success. We specialize in providing comprehensive branding services that help UAE businesses stand out, connect with their target audience, and achieve their goals.


Discover top-of-the-line surveillance camera solutions at Elixir Technologies. Our high-quality cameras are designed to capture clear images and videos, ensuring comprehensive security for your property in Abu Dhabi.

Network Setup

Efficient Network Setup for seamless connectivity. Experience a robust and reliable network with our expert setup services. Contact us to enhance your connectivity today.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Elixir Technologies LLC for on-demand services, on-site support, a solid partnership, and the expertise of certified professionals. Experience the difference of our customer-centric approach and let us be your trusted IT solution provider.

On Demand

When you choose us, you gain access to our on-demand IT services. Our certified professionals are available at a moment’s notice to address any networking, CCTV, or device repair issues you may encounter. Experience swift and reliable support whenever you need it, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

At Your Location

Convenience is paramount, which is why we offer on-site support. Our team of experts will come directly to your location, whether it’s your office or home, to provide comprehensive networking services, CCTV installations, and device repairs. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of having our skilled technicians handle your IT needs right where you are.

Solid Partnership

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. By choosing us, you can expect a dedicated and long-lasting relationship focused on understanding and meeting your unique IT requirements. Our team will work closely with you to tailor solutions that align with your business goals, ensuring a solid partnership for your ongoing success.

Certified Professionals

Rest assured that your IT needs are in capable hands with our team of certified professionals. Our experts possess the necessary qualifications and expertise in networking, CCTV services, and device repair. With their up-to-date knowledge and adherence to best practices, you can trust in their ability to deliver high-quality solutions and support for your IT infrastructure.


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